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Murree is one of the largest resort towns in the Galyat area of Pakistan, here you can find a large number of Hotels . These Hotels offer a variety of services for different price ranges. So any one can find Hotels according to his budget. Some of the Hotels are listed below.

Pine Fort Hotel

Ayubia, Pakistan.

Phone: +92-992-359295   +92-346-4332879


Faran Hotel

Kuldana Road, Murree

Phone: 051-3411270

Sleep Inn Hotel & Restaurant

Mohra Sharif Road, Bhurban

Phone: 051-3022284   051-3352063

Pearl Continental Hotel

Bhurban, Murree

Phone: U.A.N-111-505-505   051-3355568-76

Chinar Hotel

Jinnah Road, Murree

Phone: 051-3410244   051-3410744

Al Khaleej Villas

Short Cut Road, Near MC Office, GPO Chowk, Murree

Phone: 0593 412237

Murree Queens

Club Road, Murree

Phone: 051-3412004   051-3411580

Premier Inn Hotel Murree

BI/BII Upper Jhika Gali Road

Phone: 03215111162   051-3412162

Islamabad View Hotel

Imtiaz Shaheed Road, Murree

Phone: 051 3411499

Hotel Java International

Near G.P.O, Murree

Phone: 0513410887

Red Himalayan Hotel

Upper Ghikagali Road, Murree

Phone: 051-3410379

Montana Lodge

Ayubia, Pakistan.

Phone: +92-992-359073

Pleasent View Hotel

Near T.M.A, Shortcut Road, Murree

Phone: 051-3411234   051-3411448-9

PTDC Motel

Mian Road, Ayubia, Pakistan.

Phone: +92-321-9277881


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By :Sajid Abbasi

Murree enjoys the status of milestone in the history of Hill across the country. It is health giving station of country which attracts tens of thousands of “Tourists” both domestic and abroad every season. As a result Hill resort has given births to a plenty of Hotels during the last two to three decades. But the name of Hotel Faran remains on the top of the list. We have no competitor in our class, yet the level of our services and scale of facilities and the standard of our accommodation is far higher of our tariff.Faran Hotel is situated a unique venue of Kuldana Road Murree which adjacent to Mall Road (GPO Chowk), it is a distance of 1 minute walk.
Seeing is believing. You come, see and stay with us, you will feel Hotel Faran as your second home in Murree. We do hope that our hospitality will come up to your expectation. [1]

By :Sajid Abbasi

Shangrila Resort Hotel Murree Hills is latest addition to the Shangrila chain of resorts, one of the oldest hotel chains in Pakistan . The relatively small and family owned and operated nature of our establishment ensures that clients receive the personalized service and attention they deserve. Shangrila Resort Hotel Murree is located in an exclusive corner of the hill station, providing our guests with panoramic views of the under laying valleys from every spot around the hotel. A mere 10 minutes away from the bustling center of the city. Shangrila Resort Hotel Murree Hills provide the ideal mix of privacy and proximity to the city. Whether you want to host a conference, organize a private function, or simply get away for a weekend, we provide a beautiful, peaceful, and private environment for all your needs. The hotel has recently undergone and upgrade, with an increase in the number of suites, addition of new dining and entertainment facilities, as well as the construction of several individual cottages, which are nestled in a secluded corner of the property, allowing our guests even more space for themselves. [2]

By :Aleem ud Din

Montana Lodge is a good hotel to stay. Though a bit expensive but comfortable.

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Murree receives snowfall from the month of December to February in general. People enjoy snow falling a lot. When a snow fall news brake out Rawalpindi and Islamabad residents rush out to Murree. Some times  roads linking the valley with other parts of the country were closed due to heavy snow fall.
sozo adventure park at lower topa murree is offering a large number of free slides and rides of quite exciting for kids visiting the summer resort murree
Kashmir Point is a spot on Mall Road, going up from GPO about 1 km. It is at the top of a hill. Hill surface is clean. Scenary looks beautiful from here. Kashmir peaks can be viewed from here thats why this point is called Kashmir Point.
2 roads/paths go up the GPO towards Kashmir Point. View of Murree from both ways is different. So it is advisable that take one route for going & other for coming back.
You may hike up the Kashmir point. The way passing by the Cadet College Murree goes towards the Murree Residence of the President of Pakistan.



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